About Sell

poignant depiction of life after incarceration

and the reinvention necessary for success

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From Writer/Executive Producer, Natalie Hodge and Producers Chaka Stewart, Esq. and Hasan Davis comes the short film, Sell.

Sell tells the story of ex-drug dealer, Demetrius returning home to his wife, Ayana, after he is released from prison. When some personal developments make finding employment even more dire, Demetrius faces the same plight as many recently incarcerated--employers are unwilling to take a chance on him given his background. Left unhireable and out of luck Demetrius finds friendship in a local entrepreneur who is in need of Demetrius's exact skill set. Their partnership is nothing either of them could have predicted but everything they need. 

The film was shot on location over four days in Martinsville, Virginia and surrounding towns. As only fitting for a story of this nature, the Martinsville community gathered together to make this production happen. From donated sets to a homegrown cast and crew this film represents the best parts of humanity and shines light on work yet to be done.


A criminal record can reduce the likelihood of a callback or job offer by nearly 50%. The negative impact of a criminal record is twice as large for African American applicants. As such, millions of smart, capable and highly ingestive Americans are limited in the ways they can earn money to support themselves and their families.

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