Meet the Cast

Meet the Crew


Natalie K. Hodge

Writer/Executive Producer 

Natalie is the CEO of Rudy's Girl Media located in Martinsville, Virginia.  She holds a bachelor's degree in Justice & Policy Studies and African American Studies from Guilford College and a master's degree in African American Studies from Cornell University.  Natalie has over a decade of experience in the higher education field and entertainment industry and is currently a Project Director for Ross Innovative Employment Solutions.  She oversees the successful administration of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity grant for the West Piedmont region of Virginia.  The grant provides federal funding for individuals with barriers to employment including but not limited to Returning Citizens. Discover more about Natalie's multimedia offerings at:


Chase Nappier


Chase is from Reidsville, North Carolina. Married to Rosa and dad to Audrey--family is important to him. Chase is passionate about photography, editing, and all things visual storytelling. He loves cigarettes, cussing, and going hard on the set. Chase believes good visual media can change the world.


Hasan Davis


A Martinsville, VA native and Radford University graduate, Hasan is a small business and community engagement consultant providing local organizations with grassroots and social media marketing support. He has a diverse portfolio and set of interests, having studied Exercise Sport Health Education while at Radford. In addition to serving four years in the Air Force. Hasan keeps engaged through community activism. 


Chaka Stewart, esq.


Chaka is an Entertainment Attorney and entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA. Chaka received his Bachelor's degree from Guilford College, and his Law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. Chaka has been involved in entertainment for over a decade, first as CEO of Isore Records, an independent record label, then as an Entertainment Attorney, representing musicians, writers, actors and actresses, filmmakers, and artists of all kinds. Chaka enjoys reading, politics, sports, and spending time outdoors. Most of all, Chaka enjoys being a husband and a father to wife, Stephanie, and children Leila, and CJ. 


Charles Roark


Charles is the Owner/Operator of Star News, a Martinsville, VA cable news outlet. For the past 25 years Charles has worked in all facets of TV production, providing his talents to the community. Though most of his career has been spent with Media 6, film is a passion for Charles. He even owns a local movie theater, Hollywood Cinema, situated on one of the highest points in Martinsville! 

Mary-Elizabeth Sabo

 Associate Producer 

Mary Elizabeth is a Student Affairs professional with a passion for social justice and violence prevention. A Connecticut native, Mary-Elizabeth has spent time working for universities across the Northeast. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate work at Stony Brook University and now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Tim. 


Johnathon Herring

 Camera Operator 

Johnathon brings his talents to Sell, having worked behind the camera for over a decade. Johnathon is a movie and visual arts fanatic. He brings a unique eye to the projects he works on, unafraid to try different styles in order to capture the shot.


Cameron D. Moore


Cameron is a youth development professional and Martinsville, VA native who has a passion for art in regard to music and photography. Cameron has a diverse skill set from a variety of experiences through progressions in his career. The simple proverb, "where there is commitment, there will be change" resonates most in his advocacy for youth as he knows that every involved hand makes a difference. 

Andre "Smoov" Benton

Andre is a devoted husband and father of two whose passion for entertaining appeared at an early age.  He was a singer as early as he could remember and has been honing his craft alongside a myriad of R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel artists in and around Martinsville, Virginia.  Andre always admired actors like Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier.  He aspired to be just as "smooth" as them.  Although playing the role of Demetrius in Sell, is his first official acting role, he notes that he felt supreme confidence as he had learned to act from watching the greats.

Conrade "Chase" Young

Chase is a real estate professional and Martinsville, VA native who dabbles in the arts--specifically theater and poetry. He enjoys outdoor activities, as well as volunteering locally. Chase plays Scott, a downtrodden entrepreneur who forms an unlikely friendship that helps turn his life around.

Elizabeth "EJ" Martin

Elizabeth is a Martinsville, VA native who got her start in the industry with photographer Shaprille Preston. Since then she has modeled for Kelly Cunningham's Danville Fashion Week show and worked with photographers Metris Covington and Sonia Ortiz. She is relatively new to the acting scene but is already making a splash, starring as Ayana in Sell.